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獭祭 gets its name from an interesting story when 水獭 Otters line up the fish they caught and does a ritual like ceremony before eating that is very similar to human rituals in the imperial eras in China and Japan.

Dassai really started to become famous when Shinzo Abe treated Obama with this Sake from his home town in a his nation's banquet.
Is Dassai really good? No doubt it was, but these days the heavily industrialized Dassai is only a mediocre reference point in Sake taste, ranking some 70+ in Japan.
Even though Dassai no longer represents the pinnacle of Japanese Sake, it still carries a lot of consistency. Dassai 45 has been my Sake wine for many years actually.
In terms of money for value in Classic Sake, there is nothing can beat Dassai 45 imo.