Saburomaru Distillery Gyokuto Rabbit Limited 2022

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From the first moment, it is powerful and captivating, with smoky notes reminiscent of Scotland and the island of Islay. In the mouth, this whisky reveals an enveloping greediness. Peat flavors blend harmoniously with red fruit nuances, creating a subtle balance between sweetness and complexity. The finish is long and memorable, giving way to aromas of delicate cocoa and lingering peat that invite further tasting.

The whiskies that make up the Blend Gyokuto 2022 have been aged in different types of highly toasted casks carefully selected by Tkahiko Inagaki, the House's Master Blender: three types of sherry casks, adding a unique richness and complexity to its flavor profile. In addition, Japanese red wine barrels made of Inami oak in the southern Toyama prefecture were also used, giving the whisky a subtle fruity and refined influence.

The double distillation of malt in traditional pot stills, an emblematic method of the Saburomaru distillery, contributes to the quality and finesse of this Japanese whisky. Neither colored nor chill-filtered, it retains all its authenticity and transparency, offering whisky lovers a truly original tasting experience.

Gyokuto is a creature from Japanese folklore, representing a white rabbit living on the moon, and this edition is part of the series of japanese world blends Moon Glow paying tribute to the moon, with a new edition every year.

The Blend Gyokuto 2022 edition of the Saburomaru distillery offers a beautiful, fresh and sweet flavor slightly different from the usual style of the house.