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Unlike many of the newcomers, our sparkling black Shiraz uses the ancient Shiraz quality wood aging method for many years before blending and fermenting in the bottle.

The result is smoothness, depth and complex flavors impossible to duplicate in young wines. Sparkling Shiraz made this way is a cornerstone of Australia's wine heritage. Our Sparkling Black Shiraz ensures that this very Australian style of wine, which has been cultivated by generations of winemakers, is never lost.

Based in Australia's iconic Barossa Valley, the winery was built in an 1850s stone cottage style. Rockford wines offer high quality traditional wines made from some of the best old Barossa vineyards.

The cellar and the sales cellar are part of a paved courtyard surrounded by stone buildings dating back to the first settlement of Krondorf. They are committed to keeping the best of traditional winemaking alive and sharing that joy with customers.

In addition to the small home vineyard, Rockford works in partnership with several independent winemakers around the Barossa, with vineyards in Kalimna, Ebenezer, Moppa Springs, Eden Valley and downtown Barossa. This gives Rockford a wide variety of soil types, mesoclimes and altitudes for its grapes. Many of the vines are planted on their own rootstocks and are between 60 and 100 years old, giving intense and concentrated grapes that translate into the wines. Winemaking is largely done using traditional methods such as basket presses, open-cast concrete fermenters, and an 1880 Bagshaw (grape) crusher that was found on site when O'Callaghan bought the property in the 1970s.