Clonakilla Wines: Latest Offering from Esteemed Australian Winery

Clonakilla Wines: Latest Offering from Esteemed Australian Winery

It has been a remarkable journey for Clonakilla. When John Kirk planted the first vines in 1971 he had no idea that his vineyard would one day be celebrated as one of the best in the country. Along the way there have been trials and tribulations as well as moments of unprecedented success.

Over time something important has become clear: Murrumbateman and Shiraz are one of those rare combinations in the world of wine that can produce something truly exciting.

John first planted Shiraz at Clonakilla in 1972. Through the seventies and eighties the Shiraz was blended with Cabernet Sauvignon in traditional Australian style. In 1990 it was decided to keep the Shiraz component separate.

The Clonakilla 1990 Shiraz went on to win one silver, two gold and two trophies in three showings. Needless to say, the Kirks began to see Murrumbateman Shiraz in a new light.

“A tour de force in spicy/peppery varietal character” - James Halliday



Thus marked the beginning of a new and exciting direction for Clonakilla. The resulting wine was a mix of four varieties. A close look at the label indicates: 80% Shiraz, 12% Pinot Noir, 7% Mataro and 1% Viognier.

Diary notes from the year record that the 1992 harvest season was cool and relatively dry, with picking taking place in mid-late April. The finished wine came in at a gentle 12.5% Alc/Vol. 1405 bottles were filled in July of 1993.

Clonakilla 1992 Shiraz label


Moreover, Clonakilla is best known for putting the Australian town of Canberra on the map as a wine producing region.The first plantings on the estate property were of Riesling, Sauvignon Blanc, Cabernet Sauvignon and Shiraz and, today, also include Viognier, Pinot Noir, Semillon and Chardonnay. The flagship wine from Clonakilla is a blend of Shiraz and Viognier. The two grapes are co-fermented and the resulting wine is rich, deep and dark with notes of white pepper, black fruits and sweet white flowers. The grapes that produce this wine come from the finest plots in the Clonakilla Murrumbateman vineyards.

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