Archie Rose Smoked Heritage Rye 49%

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Archie Rose is back again with a smoked single malt, following in the footsteps of the Ironbark, Red Gum and Stringybark smoked malts before it. This time, native stringybark wood was used to smoke Archie Rose's signature rye malt, creating a delightful evolution on what has become a signature style for the distillery.

From the producers...

"Archie Rose Smoked Heritage Rye Malt Whisky also offers a unique drinking experience with balanced sweetness, smoke and rye spice and features flavours of campfire, grilled peaches and prosciutto. We recommend serving this one as is, over ice or neat. But, if you are feeling fancy, make sure to try it in a smoky whisky sour or Manhattan"

Archie Rose supports sustainable and regenerative farming and wood harvesting with this release, something that is not often enough appreciated in the industry.